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Collaborate17 Recap

We’ve been sharing weekly blog updates showcasing the highlights and hot topics of Collaborate17, including:

We wanted to wrap up this series with a few final notes.

Firstly, we’re very proud to say that our very own Nick Wilson and David McIlmoyl were presented with the Standing Ovation Award. This award is presented to members of the Quest community who received the highest satisfaction scores for their Collaborate16 presentations. Nick and Dave’s session on Tools Release Net Change at last year’s conference earned them this distinction. Congratulations guys!

Secondly, we want to thank our current and future customers for stopping by to chat at Collaborate17. We very much enjoy the in-person conversations and the chance to socialize with you. We hope to see everyone (and others) again next year!

As for the remainder of 2017, we’ll be busy with the following major industry events:

If you are at any of these events, please stop by and say hello!

Collaborate17 Session Summary: Big Brother Is Watching – How Pinal County Watches Over Its E1 Data

Matt Vanderkooy, ERP-One’s Director of Customer Success, co-presented this session alongside SuzAnne Garcia from Pinal County. They discussed how Pinal County has leveraged Q Software Fraud Detector to ensure that its EnterpriseOne system is safe from fraud.

Fraud is a concern for private and public organizations everywhere. All types of organizations require stakeholder accountability and protection of their data.

The following slides provide a brief look at excerpts of the presentation.

The new reality affecting security.

EnterpriseOne provides the ability to track data through the Data Change Tracker module (21 CFR 11), but historically the analysis of that data has been cumbersome, time consuming, and often ignored due to the volume or inability to interpret useful information from the data.

Pinal County needed to track various changes within the E1 system and to alert, review, report and act on the changes.

What is out there? What is available to customers to combat this problem? What are progressive, winning organizations doing?

Q Software Fraud Detector provides out of the box capabilities that help identify truly fraudulent activities, eliminating the collection of ‘noise’.

Pinal County wanted to review only the most important data from audit tracking based on conditions input into the system.

Designing the solution that allows Pinal to take appropriate actions to review and investigate potential fraudulent activities.

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Collaborate17 Session Summary: E1 Tools Release 9.2.x Demonstration of New Features

Nick Wilson, ERP-One’s Technical Team Lead, and David McIlmoyl, Managing Partner at ERP-One, shared the stage for this popular session, delivered to approximately 200 attendees.

This presentation provided a review of some new features in EnterpriseOne Tools 9.2, including:

  • User Defined Objects (UDO)
  • OMW on the Web
  • Enhanced security and various other functions.

Nick and Dave brought a deep level of expertise to this topic and conducted the session as a lab-based demonstration of important new features along with best practices for utilizing those features.

The slides below show a sample of the information covered in this session.

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Collaborate17 Session Summary: OneView Reporting Deep Dive with Scot Forge

Matt Vanderkooy, ERP-One’s Director of Customer Success, co-presented this session alongside John Cholewa from Scot Forge. They discussed Scot Forge’s implementation of OneView Reporting.

Scot Forge has production manufacturing data from multiple locations stored in EnterpriseOne. They need to present focused information to each location so users that interact with Work Orders, Production Control, Sales, Financial and Shipping data can make informed business decisions.

The high-level agenda covered by the presentation.

A clear definition of the business problem: the inability to manage operations for Work Orders that are sent to an outside supplier.

John described why this problem presents a real business challenge for Scot Forge.

ERP-One and Scot Forge worked together to develop dashboards using One View Reporting over operational information to increase productivity.

Attendees were shown how to build One View Reports including charts, graphs and dashboards over various data sets in EnterpriseOne. Additionally, Matt and John demonstrated how the streamlined information presented through One View Reports focuses the effort for end users.

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Collaborate17 Session Summary: Maximizing User Experience in E1 – What is UX1 and UDO?

Michel Frappier, Sr. CNC Consultant at ERP-One, presented this session, bringing his extensive JD Edwards technical expertise to this presentation, which was attended by approximately 100 people and very well-received.

All the new UDO (User Defined Objects) types, recently released by JDE, further enable the Citizen Developer vision and put more customization power in the hands of ordinary users.

The new UDO types (Watchlists, OneView style Charts, E1Pages, etc.), bring a more dynamic and cutting edge look to JDE. With UX One components, all these new elements come in downloadable packages.

Covering the major components of UX One and UDOs, Michel provided information on how business users of EnterpriseOne now have many tools they can use to alert, analyze and act. This included:

  • CafeOne
  • E1 Pages
  • Advanced Queries
  • Watchlists
  • Grid Formatting

The latest 9.2.x tools improvements have made managing all the UDO types a very straight forward process. This, in turn, makes it easier to install & update the much-evolving UX One delivered contents.

JDE will keep growing their UX One industry centric role sets of UDO objects.

 Standardized sets of web-based tools now govern the change management processes use to create, update & deploy UDOs in the different JDE Environments.

New OMW Web tool is used to import/export and promote UDO objects between JDE environments.

Michel did an excellent job on his first Collaborate presentation. He received positive feedback from attendees, along with several post-session questions on topics such as: UDO security, deployments, and performance.

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Collaborate17 Session Summary: Integrated Mobility & The Latest E1 Technologies

David McIlmoyl, Managing Partner at ERP-One, was proud to take the stage at Collaborate17 with our customer, Johnston Equipment, to discuss how ERP-One helped Johnston implement E1 technologies to transform critical business functions.

Johnston Equipment has been using JD Edwards since 2008 and has been a frontrunner in using EnterpriseOne latest technology enhancements to gain a competitive marketplace advantage.

In this presentation, Johnston Equipment’s new Dispatch Management System (DMS) and Field Service Automation (FSA) solutions were demonstrated.

Their solution utilizes the following E1 technologies JDE Mobile technology using AIS, E1 Pages, CAFEOne, BSSV, OneView Reporting, Watchlists, and Google Maps with traffic overlays.

This presentation was a great display of how ERP-One’s technical expertise helps clients such as Johnston Equipment utilize the latest E1 technology enhancements to build market-leading business solutions.

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Oracle Keynote at Collaborate17

Each April, the JDE user community gathers to connect Partners and Customers for learning sessions, updates from Oracle, and to just interact socially… it is in Vegas after all.

At ERP-One, we are always busy leading up to the show, planning meetings and events with our customers and putting the finishing touches on our presentations. As busy as it is heading into the conference, once we are on the ground, it can feel non-stop for five days. We had a great show this year with some meaningful conversations with our customers and prospects while delivering five successful education sessions.

One of the most anticipated sessions for us, and we know for customers, is the JD Edwards Keynote session delivered by Lyle Ekdahl from Oracle. We were particularly excited for the keynote this year because our customer, Johnston Equipment, joined Lyle onstage for a five-minute segment to highlight how Johnston has leveraged E1 technologies to improve its business. We played a part in Johnston’s featured project and it was gratifying to see the hard work pay off, both in Johnston’s success, and in the cool things that are available through E1 these days. But enough about us…

What did Oracle have to say to us – its partners and its customers?

Oracle’s biggest keynote news was a change to the support model for E1. Traditionally, support runs on a 5 + 3 model: 5 years of Premier Support plus 3 years of Extended Support. With version 9.2, this has changed to 10 + 3. This means that once you are on Apps 9.2, you have until October 2025 with Premier Support and October 2028 for Extended Support.

If your company has been on the fence about an upgrade, this announcement should help alleviate concerns about how this product will be supported in the future. As we discussed with one customer, five years in IT is a lifetime and knowing Premier Support is available for seven+ years is comforting.

Oracle did not, however, provide any clues as to a next major release of EnterpriseOne…a 9.3 version perhaps. There are two opinions on this. There is the scary one (for those of us invested in the product for ourselves and our businesses) that this product is being “put out to pasture” and the extra years of support are useless as the product does not grow or innovate.

Then there is the opinion which we side with. Oracle, we think, has listened to customers and recognized the difficulty and cost associated with major upgrades. They have recognized that customers prefer continuous drips of enhancements and technology without requiring a whole product refresh each time. Since Apps 9.2 came out in October 2015, there have been six enhancement releases (April 2017 not captured on the slide deck), delivered through the Continuous Delivery software packaging and delivery process. The highlights are in the picture below.

Future (planned) work, keeping the normal Oracle Safe Harbor Statement in mind, is shown below. There are some exciting things Oracle is working on.

As an underlying theme to the Support and Continuous Delivery announcements, Oracle discussed its investment focus. The four areas of focus are:

  1. Cloud
  2. User Experience
  3. Digital Experiences
  4. ERP

These items revolve around the growing concept of a digital business. With JDE (the ERP) at the center, there are essential components that create a digital business:

  1. Internet of Things
  2. Mobile
  3. Cognitive, Virtual and Augmented Reality
  4. Big Data, Data Visualization, Analytics
  5. Social Collaboration

The items are delivered through various channels such as:

  • Cloud
  • User Experience
  • APIs
  • Citizen Developer
  • In Memory

Safe to say there is lots to unpack there, places to find out where these components will have a positive impact on your business and ways for you to enable this technology to add value to your user community.

As Oracle is invested in these key areas, ERP-One, as an Oracle Business Partner, is continuously evolving and applying our expertise and finding ways that we can help you leverage this technology. Our Customer Success team is excited to talk about how this can transform your business and our Solutions team can’t wait to get into the details of how all this technology fits together.

Check out our Session Summary blogs that offer more details about how ERP-One has helped our customers leverage the components of a digital business:

Questions or comments? Leave us a note below or connect with our team.

Upgrade Smarter Webinar Series – Part I


JDE EnterpriseOne 9.2 is here.

Download the full webinar series details here.

ERP-One is pleased to deliver a webinar series focused on information to help you upgrade smarter. Having completed many EnterpriseOne upgrades across many platforms and releases, we’ve earned our stripes as experts in this area.

We’ll discuss best practices and share our hard-fought lessons learned. We will guide you through advanced project management techniques that have delivered project success. And we will confidently introduce you to our industry partners with tools to deliver invaluable efficiencies through smart upgrade approaches.

We hope that you will join us for the webinars of interest to you. Further details will be shared upon availability. Check back for updates or follow us on twitter @ERP1Consulting.

Upgrade Smarter: E1 Data Management
Presented by Nirav Shah, Essentio & Dean Stein, ERP-One
Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015 | 2:00 PM ET

In this session, we will discuss the project plan for upgrading to the latest release of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.2 and how to handle your data management.

How do you build a business case for upgrading to present to the executives? How do you handle the unchecked data growth in your current solution? We will share one of our top client’s experience and how they were able to target data management issues during the planning process, saving time and reducing costs of the upgrade.


  • Understand the benefits of archiving and data management
  • Actual customer case studies will be presented
  • Live demo of Essentio Archivist (Oracle Validated solution for JD Edwards data archiving)


Upgrade Smarter: E1 Technical Upgrade Optimization
Presented by David Hunt, DWS, Lee Balsom, DWS & David McIlmoyl, ERP-One
Tuesday, Nov ember 17th, 2015 | 3:00 PM ET

With the recent release of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.2, many customers are turning their thoughts toward upgrading with minimum business disruption.

In this webinar, ERP-One and DWS, leading specialists in E1 upgrades, will explain how you can optimize your upgrade. Specifically, we will present how you can:


  • Reduce your modified footprint by identifying which objects are no longer required
  • Provide accurate estimates of the effort involved to perform your technical upgrade
  • Enable the highest quality upgrade with near zero defects
  • Identify exactly what needs testing and what does not, and
  • Minimize the effort involved in testing your upgrade

A white paper, “Removing the Barriers for Code Current” will be made available to all attendees.


Upgrade Smarter: E1 Security Management
Presented by Mike Ward, Brian Stanz, QSoftware & Matt Vanderkooy, ERP-One
Tuesday, December 1, 2015 | 1:00 PM ET

An upgrade is a time of major change in your E1 system. Carefully planning the security aspects of the upgrade will ensure that unforeseen user access issues or security-related performance issues do not impact go-live deadlines.

An upgrade is also an opportunity to examine and potentially re-design your security. We have tools and services that can help you to simplify security, streamline business processes, and reduce your upgrade workload. We have helped clients re-vamp their security as part of the upgrade, leaving them with improved security configuration and more efficient security management processes, post-upgrade.

Join us to find out how making the right security changes can significantly contribute to your E1 upgrade success.


Organizational Announcement

We are pleased to share the following ERP-One organizational announcements.

(Download the full announcement here)

1.  Chad McMahon has joined ERP-One in the role of Service Delivery Manager. The addition of a Service Delivery Manager will bring improvements to our service consistency and to our delivery on customer commitments. In this role, Chad will oversee our consulting group and managed services team with a focus on:

  • Capacity planning and resource management
  • Ensuring quality of service delivery
  • Providing customers with a consistent layer of escalation

2.   Melissa McDonald will be transitioning to the newly created role of Client Relationship Manager. The main objective of this role is to develop and foster initiatives aimed at enhancing the ERP-One client experience, including effective communication and consistent deliverables.Melissa has worked with our Database Services clients for the past three years and within this context, she created and introduced our existing client management and reporting deliverables to select clients. Creating the Client Relationship Manager role at ERP-One formalizes our corporate effort to focus on excellence in customer service and relationships. Dedicating Melissa to these initiatives allows us to build on what we have in place today in efforts to provide a more comprehensive client management experience.

3. We have fully integrated our CNC and DB Managed Services offerings into a combined Managed Services solution. Jim Palkhivala will lead this combined Managed Services team and will continue to work with our Managed Services clients.

This integration is an important step in the maturation of our Managed Services solution. Our delivery will be more seamless, efficient, and standardized across clients. Jim’s focus will be to apply consistent oversight to our entire Managed Services business and to maintain the relationships he has developed with our valued clients.

These changes represent our continued effort to improve our approach to overall client satisfaction and our internal expectations of providing service beyond industry standards. These objectives are important to us and as our valued client you can expect to see new initiatives from ERP-One as we continue to evolve and grow.

Part 1 of 5 By Lyle Ekdahl: JDE 5G – What is it, and do I even care?

“If you attended Quest Collaborate 2014 this year and caught the JD Edwards keynote session, you heard the term JDE 5G used for the first time in a public forum. I used the term to describe JD Edwards’ approach to the market, our products and our organizational processes. The fact is that we are at the genesis of Oracle’s JD Edwards’ fifth generation!

So what are the 5 generations you ask?”

Click on the following link to read the rest of the article: