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Management & Support
Dean Stein
Michel Frappier
Tech Lead CNC
Managed Services
Chris Glaspy
Technical Lead
Management & Support
David McIlmoyl
Jean-Paul Savalli
Senior CNC
Managed Services
Rick Herbert
CNC Consultant
Management & Support
Jamie Marino
Managed Services
Steve Koristka
CNC Consultant
Management & Support
Matt Vanderkooy
Chief Revenue Officer
Nick Wilson
ERP Innovation & Technology Lead
Managed Services
Gavin Monteiro
CNC Consultant
Management & Support
Melissa McDonald
Customer Experience and Corporate Communications
Scott Springman
Security Analyst
Managed Services
Mohamed Asiq
DBA Consultant
Management & Support
Michelle Thibeault
Service Innovation Leader
Laurey Godard
Senior Finance Consultant
Management & Support
Tia Leung
Finance Manager
Marcus Jarrett
Senior CNC - iSeries Specialist
Management & Support
Taryn Kildare
Marketing & Brand Specialist
Paul Mackinnon
Senior Security Consultant
Management & Support
Tammy Cairns
Client Success Manager
Priscila Saenz
Application Developer
Management & Support
Jennifer Agrippa
Senior Project Manager
Amanda Silver
Finance Consultant
Management & Support
Marcella Pawlowski
Business Development Representative (BDR)
Valerie Graves
Senior Business Analyst
Management & Support
Uche Onwualu
Senior Account Executive

Accelerate your business growth

Untap new features and functionality of your system with a trusted partner who learns what you need, when you need it. Let us guide you and provide a digital transformation for your business. Here’s how we do it: (discuss, align, launch, evolve)

Discuss & Plan

We assess how you use JD Edwards and strive to optimize your software experience. We focus on enhancing company profit margins and implementing process improvements within the JDE system.


We assign industry expert consultants to your account that specialize in all areas of your business. Our team will collaborate with you to ensure successful outcomes and help reduce costs related to managing and supporting systems.


Our experts provide industry knowledge to ensure your system moves your business forward, whether through project delivery, managed services, or collaborating with your in-house team.


Regularly optimizing JD Edwards, reviewing usage, and tracking metrics is a top priority for us. We adapt and scale our services as your company grows, ensuring smooth operations and effective solutions that work for you.


Alain Habel
Corporate Application Management Services, Alta Gas

“We embarked on a 9.2 upgrade in 2018 that had a short implementation window. The assigned resources worked tirelessly to strategically contribute to an on time, under budget upgrade. Personally, I stand behind ERP-One with my 25 years in JDE as an implementer and now Managing Operations, I can definitely rest assured at night!”

Shawna Cartwright
Cushman & Wakefield

“Cushman & Wakefield Services is a long time JDE E1 Managed Services client of ERP-One. When it came time to update our JDE E1 from 9.0 to 9.2 and move from on prem iSeries to Azure based SQL Server, ERP-One was our go-to provider. They were able to leverage their knowledgeable resources to plan out and implement the update which went live on time and within budget. Thank you, ERP-One, for your ongoing support and dedicated partnership!”

Alan Palmer
Alectra Utilities

“Alectra has found a trusted and valuable partner in ERP-One. They provide us with round-the-clock managed services, as well as timely and quality project work. They also offer us invaluable guidance that helps us run our JD Edwards EnterpriseOne system with efficiency and effectiveness. They deliver top-notch and affordable services that exceed our expectations. Their professionalism and responsiveness are commendable and make them a reliable partner for us.”

Adrian Kalynchuk
District of Saanich

"ERP-One Consulting stands out as a trusted partner in our journey with JD Edwards. Their commitment to excellence is evident in their support during significant system upgrades, encompassing vital modules such as Payroll, Time Entry, Financials, and Asset Management. Thanks to ERP-One, we've established a robust program of continuous delivery, keeping our ERP system consistently updated and optimized."