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Achieve more peace of mind, insight, and savings with autom8

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Streamlined ERP System Management

AUTOM8, an innovative solution from ERP-One, offers a simplified approach to managing your ERP system. It's designed to save you time and money, improving system performance and reducing maintenance costs. Experience the ease of managing your system with fewer resources and automating many CNC tasks for enhanced efficiency.

Significant Savings, Proven Results

Before adopting AUTOM8, one client spent $25,750 annually on CNC maintenance. With AUTOM8, they now achieve the same maintenance scope for just $13,700, marking a 47% savings. This reflects AUTOM8's capability to optimize resource use and minimize costs effectively.

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Achieve more peace of mind, insight, and savings with autom8

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Optimized Performance, Reduced Downtime

AUTOM8 ensures your ERP system operates at its best. It not only minimizes downtime but also harnesses the most appropriate features for your specific environment, delivering improved system performance and reliability.

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Flexible Integration, Tailored to Your Needs

AUTOM8 can function as a standalone tool or as part of our managed services. Our team at ERP-One is committed to working with you to determine the best fit for your organization's unique needs, ensuring AUTOM8 integrates seamlessly into your operations.

Testimonials: Trust and Excellence

"I have been working with ERP-One for over 10 years and they have always had integrity with their work. Their technical resources are true professionals who are driven to please their clients with solid deliverables." – Alain Habel, Manager, Corporate Application Management Services, ALTA Gas

Discover AUTOM8

Learn how AUTOM8 can transform your ERP management. Contact us for a free consultation at 1-888-308-ERP1 or email Explore AUTOM8 further with our overview video, insights from creator Michelle Thibeault, and our Quick Reference Guide.

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