Nextworld: The Next Step in Your ERP Evolution

Revolutionizing ERP with Modern Architecture and Cloud-Based Solutions

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Innovative Foundations, Trusted Origins

Founded in 2016 by Ed McVaney, Nextworld emerges from a legacy of ERP innovation. Addressing the limitations of traditional ERP systems, it offers a comprehensive suite including global financials, job cost, distribution, manufacturing, and a no-code development platform—all built on modern architecture for today’s needs.

Pioneering in Canada with ERP-One

ERP-One, aligning closely with Nextworld's values and culture, has become their first Canadian reseller. Privately held and customer-focused, Nextworld prioritizes customer service and a user-centric ERP experience, free from the constraints of external funding pressures.

Take NextWorld To The Next Level With SARA

Revolutionizing ERP with Modern Architecture and Cloud-Based Solutions

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Architecting the Future of ERP

Nextworld is designed with a modern server architecture, allowing scalable solutions that adapt to your business growth. This 100% cloud-based solution stands out as the only ERP built entirely on today’s PaaS + SaaS technology, offering customization opportunities and crucial architectural benefits even in a cloud environment.

Embracing Stateless Technology

Nextworld's stateless server architecture ensures seamless service and uninterrupted updates. This innovative approach provides flexibility, resiliency, fault tolerance, and scalability, ensuring no work is lost and no downtime is experienced, even in the event of hardware issues.

NextWorld will include:

Phase 1

  • Modern, stateless server architecture
  • 100% cloud-based software solution
  • Opportunities for customization and development on Nextworld’s platform
  • Robust, built-in workflow, reporting, and analytics
  • Meta-data based automated test builder

Phase 2

  • Enhanced scalability and dynamic server capabilities
  • Advanced security features and integration capabilities
  • Pattern-based development for SME-friendly, faster development

Future Phases

  • Expansion of cloud-based capabilities and functionalities
  • Continued innovation in server architecture and application development

Securing Your Data, Elevating Your Trust

Nextworld's advanced security design ensures your data's safety with features like IP whitelisting, password complexity, and multi-factor authentication. Its robust security constructs are a testament to our commitment to protecting your investment.

Why Choose Nextworld?

Nextworld offers a unique pricing model with unlimited users, empowering your entire team to innovate without additional costs. Its customer-centric approach and state-of-the-art technology make it a standout choice in the ERP market.

Stepping Into What's Next

Be part of the future with Nextworld. Already successful with early adopters in Financial Applications, Nextworld is set to expand into Distribution, Job Cost, Real Estate, and Manufacturing. Its no-code platform encourages continuous innovation, positioning your business at the forefront of ERP evolution.

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