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Collaborate 2018: An inside look at the news and updates

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Collaborate 2018 held lots of great news – and fresh possibilities – for JD Edwards clients. With powerful new features and functionality, more support for on-premise solutions, and another great customer appreciation event, there was a lot to take away from this year’s show.

Less pressure to move to the cloud

As in previous years, Lyle Ekdahl’s keynote presentation set the tone for the event. He focused on the features and functionality delivered in the latest Tools and Applications 9.2. There was much more discussion about the new features of EnterpriseOne and much less emphasis on migration to the cloud.Ekdahl’s presentation underlined a renewed commitment to getting more from EnterpriseOne without the pressure to migrate to a diferent platform. Clearly Oracle listened to the feedback about its former bias toward its cloud offering and is once again reinforcing its corporate commitment to on-premise JD Edwards.To us, this move really strengthens Oracle's commitment to EnterpriseOne enhancements and quality into the future. This is great news for organizations that may have been hesitant to take the plunge into the latest releases. We’re definitely seeing more requests for tools upgrades and application release upgrades, indicating that organizations sitting on the sidelines until recently are now confidently moving ahead.On the fence about a full upgrade or tools upgrade? Get in touch with us to talk about scope and pricing.

Implications of Tools

With, we’re seeing tons of potential for organizations to customize EnterpriseOne without the need for developers. Ekhdahl referred to these as “no-code customizations”. This capability will empower businesses to simplify and automate JD Edwards in new ways, supporting the uniqueness of today’s businesses while reducing operating costs. As an added bonus, even the upgrade to Tools is straightforward and relatively simple.Major enhancements to the Orchestrator tool in particular are welcome improvements for organizations currently burdened with numerous repetitive tasks. The new feature allows users to record Orchestrations which replace low-level time and labour intensive workarounds with automation.We’re also seeing a shift to autonomous ERP [David to validate], enabling organizations to employ hybrids or have multiple systems talking to each other and working together. This makes JDE more open and more customizable without heavy development, and the overall user experience more intuitive and seamless.All in all, we were excited about the new possibilities Tools affords and look forward to seeing its potential put into practice.Want more details? See our Senior Architect Nick Wilson’s demo of the new features in the Personalization Framework for to create personalizations.

Key Features in

FeatureComponent NameGrid Label PersonalizationUser ExperienceAdding Business View Columns to Form (Query Only)User ExperienceConfirmed Completion of OrchestrationsToolsOrchestrator Studio 6.1.0: Additional User Interface and Customer-Driven EnhancementsToolsLaunch a Report as an Orchestration StepToolsOrchestrator File TransferToolsResilient SchedulerToolsAssigned SubscriptionsToolsOAuth 2.0 Inbound REST APIToolsApplication Exit PersonalizationUser ExperienceJD Edwards EnterpriseOne Orchestrator Process RecorderTools

More demos and details coming soon

Watch for upcoming resources delving into the details of to help you take advantage of these new features. For now, ERP-One senior architect Nick Wilson has recorded a tutorial on customizations using Orchestrate, and we’ll be releasing several more in the coming weeks.Curious about how the new features could benefit you? Send us a note or comment on our Twitter feed with your questions about the new release, and we’ll share our answers.

All work and no play?

Not in Vegas! Busy as we were at the conference, we made sure we carved out some time to relax and unwind too. Our customer appreciation event at Mandalay Bay was a hit, and the energy in the room was overwhelmingly positive with all the talk of renewed commitment to JDE.Many of the Collaborate speakers and product leads stopped by to visit, as well as executives from Oracle and JDE. We had a great time connecting with new faces and long-time customers, and it was a great opportunity for everyone to mingle and share experiences.Hope to see you all in San Antonio for Collaborate 2019!Did you stop in for a visit? See if you made it onto our Instagram feed, or tag us at erponeconsulting or on Twitter and say hello.

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