COVID-19 Business Continuity Plan

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The SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) virus is impacting companies and individuals in many countries.Whether you are an existing customer or are considering ERP-One to help you manage your critical JD Edwards EnterpriseOne environment under the current circumstances, it is important to know we have comprehensive plans in place to ensure consistent operations.As ERP-One continues to monitor the situation and the impact on our customers, we are committed to the following:

  • Aid JD Edwards EnterpriseOne customers in upholding their business continuity plans in the event of office closures, or staff work location changes (offsite versus onsite).
  • Assist customers experiencing unexpected disruption by providing a secure and reliable way to reconnect and move forward.

Our Business Continuity Plan

The scope of ERP-One’s COVID-19 Business Continuity Plan includes the following:Protecting our EmployeesWe have implemented strategies to protect our workforce from COVID-19 while ensuring continuity of operations. Measures include:

  • An internal memo has been sent to our employee and extended team on how to protect themselves from illness.
  • Limiting business travel for Managing Partners, with critical-only travel to be considered until further notice.
  • Limiting business travel for senior management, with critical-only travel to be considered until further notice.
  • Attendance at upcoming industry conferences will be considered on a case by case basis, with only minimal staff to attend where appropriate.
  • Ensuring our employees have enough medical coverage and are adequately supported in the event of a COVID-19 related illness.

Continuity of Essential ActivitiesERP-One is committed to ensuring our core and essential business activities continue to operate and provide support to our customers. Ongoing and additional measure include:Managed Services

  • Services will continue to be provided, as per our defined service agreements and SLAs, including coverage on a 24 x 7, 365 day per year basis.
  • Leveraging our distributed and remote workforce to ensure that our team has limited exposure to potential risky situations and locations.
  • Continue to leverage cloud-based solutions for all critical applications, and documents.
  • Continuing our practice of employing a cloud-based, centralized and secure Customer Knowledge Base and ticketing system, enabling all team members to support all of our clients.
  • Our escalation governance model remains in place for all Managed Services engagements. Any clients requiring an overview or refresher of their contracted governance model may contact Michelle Thibeault.

Consulting ServicesAll onsite client visits for our consulting team are temporarily on hold, with only critical meetings to be considered until further notice. We will continue to support our project clients, without interruption, on a remote basis.Management

  • Communication with employees, clients, and other stakeholders will be published on our website as our COVID-19 continuity plan evolves.
  • Employee communication will also be delivered via corporate web meetings, at intervals determined by management.
  • All corporate software and systems run on cloud-based infrastructure, ensuring that access to our business data is not impacted.

Managing CapacityERP-One is committed to ensuring that we can scale as necessary in response to a potential increase in workload.

  • Managed Services clients are supported by our entire Managed Services team. We have adequate capacity to manage the expected workload within our SLAs. We will actively monitor and manage capacity, as part of our standard operating procedures, to ensure we can continue to fulfill customer support obligations.
  • Our support request triage procedures will remain unchanged, ensuring that high priority requests are addressed in the timeliest manner.
  • We anticipate minimal disruption to our workforce, given the remote nature of our work and our geographically distributed team. If any disruption does occur, our experienced consultants are capable of transferring between client engagements as needed.
  • If our current workforce is reduced or limited in any way, or there is an increase in anticipated workload, we have agreements in place with trusted contractors to assist.


The following dependencies exist between our business areas and their critical functions:

  • Our ticketing system, Web Help Desk, is cloud-based and we do not anticipate an impact from COVID-19.
  • If a client’s autom8 server(s) become inaccessible to ERP-One, the scheduled system maintenance checks will be performed manually.
  • If a client’s EnterpriseOne or remote access server(s) become inaccessible to ERP-One, escalation procedures as per the governance model are enacted.
  • Our Managed Services Team Lead will work with clients to verify the list of ERP-One employees requiring remote access and will pre-arrange for additional ERP-One credentials if needed.
  • We are confirming that a continuity plan exists for our on-call answering service and that ERP-One will not be impacted.

Our Critical Business Functions

ERP-One’s business areas include Managed Services and Consulting Services. Each of these areas perform critical functions for our clients, as briefly described below.Managed ServicesERP-One Managed Services is a team of experts dedicated to keeping clients’ JD Edwards systems running smoothly and elevating their performance. We offer comprehensive JD Edwards Managed Services in these areas: EnterpriseOne technical (CNC and Database), application, and development Managed Services. Our automation tool, autom8, provides automated system maintenance, advanced job scheduling and provides real-time log monitoring and filtering.Consulting ServicesERP-One provides Consulting Services to clients via onsite and/or remote work arrangements.

Ongoing Measures

We continue to monitor and adhere to the recommendations and advisories of these official agencies:

Future updates will be posted on our website.

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