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Fix Your Interfaces with the RevSoft JDE Scheduler

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The JDE job scheduler is built with a purpose by delivering the basic requirements of an ERP system and is an extremely reliable solution when running on well configured architecture. Businesses are becoming increasingly complex through digital transformation projects which have had a downstream impact on IT and scheduling jobs. These solutions are now requiring that scheduled jobs be versatile and scheduled as a sequence of jobs. Scheduling jobs can also use an output from one as an input in another for processing options of data selection. Interfaces is one of the different types of scheduling jobs we see often and provides a unique layer of complexity for ERP schedulers. These interfaces come in the form of a flat file that is transmitted via FTP or web service and are sometimes scheduled in a mutually exclusive way. The JDE job runs on a schedule to create the flat file, then a second scheduler runs on a time interval that automatically scans the output folder and transmits when available. A combination of the JDE scheduler and a windows scheduler is a common solution. The result of these more complex solutions are fragile schedules which are prone to data corruption. If one piece fails, or takes longer than its counterpart, the target system(s) may not recover. This creates pressure on IT to develop additional checks and balances which are generally a good idea but need to be applied at the correct point in the process, not to cover up issues with segregated systems.

RevSoft JDE Scheduler Process

Benefits of Using RevSoft with JDE Scheduler Many third-party products are available to fill the void in these areas. Some products are Oracle certified, specifically built for JDE, while others are enterprise focused and fall under IT Operations Management. The good news is that there are many options and having software the manages software is not a new concept. One of the suppliers of this software is RevSoft, which allows any server type to communicate and provides as many focal points for Enterprise Views as you need on all operating systems. RevSoft offers a decentralized approach that is compatible on multiple platforms and utilizes low footprint agents on its managed server instances. These agents are JDE aware, along with Database, Operating System, WebLogic/WebSphere, and more. This allows scheduled tasks within RevSoft to be grouped together or be cross-platform. For example, the JDE calls for UBE and then an Operating System calls for FTP. These features bring an added layer of functionality not normally seen in ERP scheduling solutions. As an alternative to the entire JDE scheduler process, RevSoft can be run as a single task in Rev Scheduler. This is called a group Job, as it runs the first process to the JDE Server, then sends the file (if created) to the other server. The second server starts immediately after the completion of the first process with no time delays. This process runs every four hours and is a Multi Run Group Job. RevSoft comes with a Gantt style view to visually manage your job schedule for administrators. They can use this to best arrange and manage jobs for cyclical issues, like month end time entry or inventory, as well as managing system outages and other issues affecting the schedule. RevSoft is Oracle certified and works seamlessly with JDE as well as other business systems. If you’re looking to implement a JDE scheduler into your workplace ecosystem, call one of our experts today to discuss how RevSoft could work for you.

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