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Nextworld Distribution is designed for wholesale distributors to realize new opportunities via customer solutions, empowering innovation and increasing productivity.Supply chains are growing more complex at an exponential pace, and so is the need for solutions that provide transparency of goods through their logistical process. These visibility projects are top of mind when supply chain companies are evaluating strategic initiatives.

Enjoy the View(s)The Nextworld Distribution solution allows you to gain real-time information into your enterprise in a variety of ways:

  • Real-time order status visibility on a dashboard
  • Centralized inventory commitment visibility
  • Visibility into deposits from sales orders
  • Centralized document management
  • Budget revenue & cost by order origination.

Nextworld is a completely flexible solution, whether you are looking to meet customer demands, maximize revenue potential, control costs, or streamline operations. Along with this flexibility, productivity and agility gains can be realized quickly with out of the box features such as:

  • Item Master can be managed at global, country, or warehouse level
  • Automated delivery scheduling
  • Origination sales order types
  • Deposit functionality built-in with the Sales module
  • Returns and Warranty information all in one place.

The Complex, Simplified

Supply chains are complex and ever-changing, which makes driving efficiencies a critical task for many CIOs.These complex business processes can be organized within Nextworld’s workflow engine, which can then drive a range of autonomous processing options. The key differentiator is that the customer process is automated, where ERPs would normally manage this manually.Nextworld simplifies Distribution with features including:

  • One-click quote to order processing; no duplicate data entry for quote to order
  • Workflow on all transaction types
  • Integrate with best of breed solutions
  • Automate procurement processes and control spending.

Take Nextworld with You

Native mobility is built into all Nextworld applications. Nextworld is built to give you end-to-end visibility across your organization on any device with comprehensive applications and always-on auditing. Architected as a cloud-native solution, all you need is the internet to use Nextworld on the go.Contact us at info@erp-one.com for more information.

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