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Built by Accountants.Financials are the core of the ERP, and Nextworld Financials was built on best practices by accounting professionals. Nextworld Financials provides robust and flexible functionality in these foundational areas: General Accounting, Payables, Receivables, Fixed Assets.Flexibility. Best Practices + Your Business = Success.Nextworld Financials delivers more than the base options you expect and require from an ERP. It offers a very flexible general ledger structure, allowing you to adapt to changes in your business. With Nextworld, realize these and other important benefits in your organization:

  • Flexible GL mapping rules provide granular control of which GL accounts to use when creating general ledger transactions.
  • Simplify your chart of accounts by sharing it across multiple companies, resulting in fewer general ledger accounts to manage.
  • Authorized users can change the organizational structure and chart of accounts at any time without affecting historical transactions.
  • Embedded approval workflows for seamless change management, to speed up decision-making and action.
  • Automate processes and easily manage approval rules with built-in, configurable workflows or customize the period close checklist to manage month-end activities.

Your Data. When and How you Need It.Seize new opportunities and find ways to drive change and grow your business with Nextworld Financials. You’ll get a comprehensive view of your business and actionable insights through Nextworld’s role-based information and drillable dashboards.Nextworld Financials provides reporting and analytics at your fingertips. Use built-in Nextworld cubes to analyze many dimensions of your organizational data, including real-time aggregations. Experience the power of cross-module reporting on attributes such as customers, suppliers, items, jobs, cost codes, and more – all from a single source of truth and directly within your general ledger.

Future-Proof your ERP.Nextworld is a fully integrated platform and suite of enterprise applications. Investing in Nextworld keeps your applications in sync with future technology changes, ensuring that your business is current and competitive.Nextworld offers a technology-agnostic platform. By separating financial applications from the underlying technology, you gain control of your financial processes and third-party integratedsolutions. With Nextworld, integrations are more than an afterthought. Integrations with banking and credit card systems, for example, are handled with ease and full data integrity.Native mobility is built into all Nextworld applications. Nextworld is built to give you end-to-end visibility across your organization on any device with comprehensive applications and always-on auditing. Architected as a cloud-native solution, all you need is the internet to use Nextworld on the go.

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