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Built from the ground up on the Nextworld platform, Nextworld Manufacturing has been developed with customer needs in mind.It is a highly integrated and flexible system which supports various concepts of process, discrete, lean, and repetitive manufacturing. A single configurable code line can be defined with the features and processes that best suit your business.

Notable FeaturesThe following features of Nextworld Manufacturing allow it to meet the needs of customers:

  • Scalable product definitions, through using a range of bill of materials and routings
  • Bill of materials which can be shared by multiple plants
  • Routing definition can be shared to produce multiple products
  • Supports complex demand-supply relationships between the inventory’s organizational unit and manufacturing plants.

Seamless IntegrationIntegration into other modules is a key tenant of ERP systems. Traditionally, a Manufacturing module would use batch processing to write data into the other modules.Nextworld’s PaaS/SaaS approach has an architectural advantage, allowing for integration between modules to be as seamless and consistent as using the module itself. Nextworld integrates its Manufacturing module into Financials and Project Systems using this real-time approach that the platform provides. This integration is also fully configurable and can adopt the characteristics required.

Maximum FlexibilityOther benefits built into Nextworld Manufacturing include:

  • A work order ledger to view transactions
  • Job Shop orders with or without finished goods
  • Non-stock items on work order parts list
  • Production expense work orders.

The modules developed within Manufacturing:

  • Product Data Management
  • Manufacturing Execution
  • Product Cost Accounting.

Architected as a PaaS/SaaS means that Nextworld can quickly adopt the latest in technology solutions for integration, workflow and calendars.Regardless of your manufacturing mode (discrete, process, repetitive, or lean), manufacturing with Nextworld lets you tailor the solution to fit your unique needs.

Take Nextworld with YouNative mobility is built into all Nextworld applications. Nextworld is built to give you end-to-end visibility across your organization on any device with comprehensive applications and always-on auditing. Architected as a cloud-native solution, all you need is the internet to use Nextworld on the go.Contact us at info@erp-one.com for more information.

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