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Nextworld is built on the Nextbot platform. Nextbot gives you the administrative and development capabilities needed to deploy ERP solutions through a variety of features and functionality. These platform features are available throughout all applications.A brief overview of these features to better understand the power of the Nextbot platform:Integration and Implementation. Built with integration as a core tenet, Nextworld logic is accessed through Open Standards and REST EndPoint connections. With controlled access to these applications, implementations with data conversions from legacy ERPs can be configured within Nextworld. These same standard tools are also used to configure complex integrations to external systems performing inbound or outbound data loads.Analytics and Reporting. Visualizations have become table stakes for modern business systems, providing decision makers with timely and insightful information. Nextworld visualizations are created through an intuitive designer screen and can be configured to display data from either the transactional table or from cubed data. These data cubes, which are like built-in data marts, are updated constantly as transactional data is being updated. This means no more waiting for a dashboard result due to long data load times.No-Code Development. The Nextbot Workbench is comprised of all the no-code builder applications and tools needed to create the elements for a fully customized ERP solution. These tools and applications allow business teams to develop custom components that make their business unique, while leveraging best practices delivered from Nextworld or integrated from your other solutions. Business practitioners, not developers, are able to create robust and meaningful Nextworld applications, all with the platform features we’ve been discussing here. Nextworld also provides the ability to build Logic Blocks, the low code development solution, that gives an added layer of flexibility for customers to create dynamic and powerful solutions in a controlled, low code toolset.Documentation Generation. Nextworld provides the built-in capability to create pixel-perfect documents required for Invoices, Sales Orders, Pick Slips, and many others integral to business operations.Security. The Service Administrator has the tools to make sure that information stored within Nextworld is readily available to the right users and restricted from those who are not. This is achieved through an advanced security design which utilizes roles, groups, hierarchies, and permissions within the ERP. On the infrastructure level, standard features such as IP whitelisting, password complexity rules, and multi-factor authentication is built in.Process Automation and Workflow. Realizing tangible process gains using workflow and automation is achievable with these platform tools. Very tightly integrated into applications, Workflow is a powerful tool to drive efficiency and enforce governance. Real-world scenarios are defined and broken out into a series of steps in a visual way using the application. Orchestrion of various processes can be defined to support transitions across multiple transactions. Once defined, various approval routes are available for the decision engine to utilize.Content Management. Various content management tools are available for Master Data teams to manage and administer information regarding standard and custom processes. Search and cross-referencing capabilities with document authoring are integrated throughout the solution as well. Robust and automated features, such as dynamic application references, provide a level of clarity and interaction with the consumer of the document.Test Automation. With embedded test automation built into Nextworld, customers can configure regression testing against core applications within their ERP, customized or not. Administrators can ensure that changes are tested during the rollout of scheduled releases and ensure that their own customizations are not impacted. Automation can be scheduled, scenarios executed, and results tracked with ease.Service Administration Encompasses all the tools required to configure and administer common platform components within Nextworld. Some of these tools include localization and globalization options which allow you to dynamically change processing based on regional areas. The user interface can be tweaked using Menus, Validations and Format applications. Finally, Scheduling utilities provide the backbone support for your business through automated scheduling, execution, and notification of processes.Compliance. Examining the requirements of regulatory, governance, and compliance departments, Nextworld has developed a feature rich GRC (governance, compliance, risk) tool that provides the necessary vehicles to inspect, assess, and control access to ERP information. Using these advanced tools customers can review role access, review risk points, and compare security.NATE (Nextworld Automated Transaction Engine) is a layer which abstracts the application and the data layer of Nextworld. It powers the ability to run long transactions without data loss or corruption. This is in place as a safety net regardless of how customized, complex, or large the existing dataset is. A complete transaction audit trail is available to examine changes to critical data or for troubleshooting integrity issues. Before and after snapshots of records are saved and available for reporting to administrators.ARCHITECTURE All of these platform features are built to be cloud centric, meaning that they are 100% stateless. This is not an ERP system, ported from an on-premises design, leveraging Infrastructure as a Service. During transactional processing, if there is a machine failure or outage, the request can be re-routed to an available server. The underlying hardware is completed abstracted from the platform running atop it. This abstraction, and control, of processing also allows Nextworld to be scalable. Transactions are monitored, and, long running tasks can be flagged and compute power increased to meet the demand.These platform features are the building blocks for rapid solutions to be built and deployed to your business. Whether designing an approval system for your critical interfaces or a mobile module specifically designed for your field reps, the Nextworld Platform has everything you’ll need to deliver these projects quickly and effectively.Interested to know how your business could benefit from Nextworld? Contact us at info@erp-one.com.

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