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Built for the Project Manager.Nextworld Project Systems (formerly known as Job Cost) is designed to improve project management decision making. It was built on best practices for executing the project lifecycle.Nextworld Project Systems is designed for the project manager. It presents data insights in the right way and in real time:

Provides real time project status at any desired level of detail

Embedded and tailorable workflows and approvals.

Separate, detailed Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) linked to Financials General Ledger for maintaining integrity.

Job Cost for your organization.Nextworld Project Systems delivers more than the base options you expect and require from an ERP. You can set up projects at the Organization level rather than the Company level, allowing for a more granular approach to tracking and budgeting projects.Nextworld Job Cost can bring these and other important benefits in your organization:

  • All-in-one solution incorporating traditional ERP Financials + financial budgeting software + BI tool to visualize information
  • Out of the box integration with Avalara Tax Software
  • Integrated Time entry into purchasing, budgeting and other controls.
  • Fully integrated with other source transaction applications
  • simplifies and accelerates the gathering and assimilation of information
  • integration with data entry end points.
  • Expanded and flexible profit recognition options to conform with operational and reporting requirements.

Flexible to your business needs.Nextworld Project Systems is a single solution for budgeting, forecasting, and workflow.Nextworld provides real-time inquiry that calculates financial results and other project key performance indicators (KPIs). Nextworld is always auto re-calculating your forecast, factoring in actuals and budget revisions.Native mobility is built into all Nextworld applications. Nextworld is built to give you end-to-end visibility across your organization on any device with comprehensive applications and always-on auditing. Architected as a cloud-native solution, all you need is the internet to use Nextworld on the go.

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