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Project Profile: 9.2 Upgrade in Under 90 Days

ERP-One delivers JD Edwards 9.2 Upgrade in under three months

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Staying current with software versions is crucial to maintaining efficiency, compliance, and support. For the City of Victoria, grappling with aging JD Edwards Application 9.1 and Tools Release versions, the need for an upgrade was not just about staying up to date, but also about reimagining their entire system architecture and application landscape. Here's how they navigated the challenges and seized the opportunities presented by their upgrade project.



Aging JDE Versions: Their JD Edwards Application 9.1 and Tools Release versions were nearing obsolescence, necessitating alignment with the newest releases to meet Oracle support requirements.

Server Architecture and Custom Applications: The upgrade project provided an opportunity to reassess server architecture and evaluate the viability of in-house custom web applications, which were dependent on the JDE code.

Retrofitting and Testing: The most daunting task was retrofitting and testing over 100 in-house custom web applications on the new JDE code within a tight timeframe of three months.



- To address these challenges, ERP-One and the City of Victoria adopted a multifaceted solution:

- Fast Upgrade Approach: A streamlined, optimized technical upgrade approach was implemented to meet aggressive deadlines while ensuring minimal disruption to operations.

- Ongoing Technical Coaching: Continuous JDE technical coaching and guidelines were provided to IT staff involved in the project to facilitate smooth execution.

- Clear Communication: Clear and constant communication with the client's project members throughout the upgrade process ensured alignment and transparency.



The upgrade project yielded significant results:

Strategic Vision for JDE: The project sparked discussions about the organization's vision for JDE, including simplifying or eradicating in-house custom applications where possible and leveraging more functionality, particularly Orchestrator for integration.

Synergy of Project Team: The success of the project was attributed to the synergy among project team members, including the project manager, developers, business analysts, CNC support, and the ERP-One team.

Supportive Project Sponsors: Full understanding and support from project sponsors enabled the project team to make the right choices at the right time, ensuring project success.



In the ever-evolving landscape of ERP systems, upgrades are not just about staying current; they present opportunities for organizations to optimize processes, streamline operations, and unlock new functionalities. By navigating challenges with agility, communication, and strategic vision, organizations can turn upgrade projects into catalysts for growth and innovation.  

This 9.2 upgrade project for our client, highlights the important roles that effective communication and teamwork play in an upgrade project. Now fully current on 9.2 and looking toward the future of EnterpriseOne in its organization, City of Victoria plans to capitalize on new 9.2 features, specifically the functionality of Orchestrator for integrations.

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