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Project Profile: Ampacet

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The Difference Experience Makes

ERP-One develops winning game plan for a complex international upgrade

“ERP-One has the best CNC architects and senior people out there. Where other consulting firms bill hours, ERP-One builds long-term relationships. They’re all about meeting your goals, your objectives, and following your roadmap.”– Bruno Marniquet, Global Technology and Application Architect at Ampacet

The challenge:

Upgrading across multiple time zones and business units

Ampacet is a global manufacturer specializing in colour and other additives for a wide range of plastics. With 24 manufacturing sites in 17 countries, they are a truly international operation, running around the clock in multiple time zones.While Ampacet has a strong internal CNC team to manage their day-to-day operations, for the past decade they’ve worked with experts at ERP-One to implement major updates across their system. With the release of JD Edwards 9.2, Ampacet turned to their trusted partner for support in tackling this significant upgradeProject scope

  • Technical EnterpriseOne upgrade 9.1 to 9.2
  • Infrastructure and Database redesign
  • Global scope spanning five continents

The solution:

Planning to succeed

The scope and complexity of the upgrade were vast – larger than Ampacet had ever undertaken before. But an established working relationship meant ERP-One had a deep understanding of what Ampacet’s needs, business drivers, and constraints were from the beginning.ERP-One brought in their senior CNC specialist and architect, and got straight to work designing the new infrastructure, defining the project tasks, and setting up the timing for the upgrade. Milestones were set, methodologies laid out, and the teams got underway.

The results:

A smooth, global transition to 9.2

In only 104 calendar days, Ampacet and ERP-One successfully completed the largest, most complex upgrade of their system ever.It encompassed 20 countries, 24 manufacturing plants, and more than 40 warehouses in Europe, APAC, the Middle East, and North and South America. Business units affected included sales, distribution, manufacturing, maintenance, and finance. They also needed to address more than 20 localizations in many countries, including Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Poland, Italy, India, and others.Despite the scope of the upgrade, the project was a resounding success – with no major go-live issues, downtime, or impacts to Ampacet’s business.

By the numbers

  • Project completed in 104 days
  • JD Edwards Simplified Upgrade process
  • Zero major go-live disruptions

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