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Project Profile: Canadian Energy Provider

ERP-One was awarded a four-year Application Managed Services (AMS) contract with a Canadian energy provider to offer a new type of JDE support model.

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ERP-One was awarded a four-year Application Managed Services (AMS) contract with a Canadian energy provider to offer a new type of JDE support model to their system. We provide full-suite JD Edwards technical and application support, as well as database and security for EnterpriseOne system, through our AMS model. As part of our AMS onboarding and implementation process, our applications team was able to find various areas where we could implement improvements in the E1 application design for distribution and worked to implement those recommendations. Starting with a managed services contract, our team was awarded the opportunity to start on an Application Managed services project for the client. Over four years, the energy provider’s AMS has evolved into a seamless and collaborative team effort. Our resources are seen as an extension of the provider’s team, and we deliver many benefits to them as we continue to work together. ERP-One took over an MS migration that was done with another vendor and found many inefficiencies that had been implemented and hindering the energy provider’s operations. We did a full clean up and system overhaul to remove these inefficiencies in the first couple of years working together. We believe a key function of our Managed Services is to develop a trusted relationship with our clients, which means we provide several mechanisms for knowledge transfer to Client resources:

  • All managed services incident activity, including status updates and closure information, is captured in our ticketing system (Solarwinds WHD). Client resources can access this information at any time, and this resource acts as a searchable knowledge base that can be later utilized for learning and ensuring similar issues can be easily resolved by leveraging previous learnings.
  • Information from our help desk system can be optimally linked to the client’s ITSM solution so that their central “knowledge” base is updated with the same information. This can then be used as the master source for all information.
  • Our CSM, along with our Managed Services Tech Lead, holds regularly scheduled (bi-weekly) meetings to review ticket status with client resources.
  • Topics covered in these meetings include support tickets (opened/closed/in progress), support hours YTD, issues where support time was spent, and observations and recommendations.

These activities help to enable clients to build self-sufficiency to do AMS tasks themselves, which allows us to support the client when it is required or desired. Our dedication to our clients is demonstrated through our continuous effort to support their AMS and MS needs. We become a reliable extension of the organization’s team and foster relationships to provide knowledge transfer, learning opportunities, and internal growth. Our long-term partnerships encourage both our clients and our team to work together to find solutions that seamlessly integrate with current or improved EnterpriseOne environments.

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