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Project Profile: Comprehensive JD Edwards Security Redesign

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ERP-One embarked on a journey to revamp Buckeye Partners’ security model of JD Edwards, recognizing the need for comprehensive improvements to meet evolving business needs. Partnering with Q Software, we embarked on a transformational journey that yielded impressive results.  



The existing security model in JD Edwards fell short of meeting the dynamic needs of the business. Key challenges included:

- Lack of Audit Capabilities: The system lacked robust audit capabilities, hindering the organization's ability to track and monitor access and changes effectively.

- Inadequate Tools for Security Management: Managing security was cumbersome and inefficient, necessitating better tools and processes to streamline operations.

- Segregation of Duties (SoD) Functionality: Ensuring compliance and mitigating risk required the implementation of Segregation of Duties functionality, which was absent in the current setup.


ERP-One partnered with Q Software and implemented their Full Suite, comprising Security Management, Segregation of Duties, and Access Review modules. The solution encompassed:

- Conversion and Cleanup: The existing security model was converted and cleaned up, ensuring a smooth transition to the new system.

- Redesign for Business Needs: A best-practice Segregation of Duties model was implemented, tailored to the client's specific requirements and business processes.

- Documentation and Training: Staff were thoroughly trained on Q Software and JD Edwards Security best practices, with ERP-One playing a pivotal role in integrating these practices into support processes.

- Collaborative Partnership: ERP-One and Buckeye collaborated closely, leveraging their unique experiences, skills, and strengths to ensure technology implementation aligned seamlessly with business processes.



The journey was not without its challenges, as the existing model proved to be more complex than anticipated. However, the final product yielded significant success. End users experienced minimal disruption, and the new security model proved to be sustainable for long-term use.  

Audit Management, Access Review, and User Provisioning processes were significantly enhanced, providing users with more user-friendly interfaces and better information. Additionally, the organization gained the ability to provide better security-related information and more efficient processes, enabling smoother operations and compliance adherence.  


ERP-One's successful delivery of the JD Edwards comprehensive security redesign using Q Software is a testament to the power of collaboration, innovation, and strategic partnerships. By addressing the challenges head-on and leveraging industry-leading solutions, ERP-One empowered the organization to enhance security, streamline operations, and achieve sustainable growth.  


Our EnterpriseOne and Q Software expertise were critical on this successful security redesign project completed for our client, Buckeye Partners L.P. The project benefits to Buckeye are summarized by Jaime Juan​, Director, Enterprise Applications​ at Buckeye:

"Buckeye Partners needed a solution to improve our ERP (JDE) security. We looked for a solution that provided improved security functionality and was better aligned with our processes of provisioning, support, configuration, maintenance, controls and governance.​
We chose Q Software as our solution because of its seamless JDE integration, best fit functionality and close partnership with ERP-One.    ​
ERP-One managed and understood our JDE environment, especially security, because of the CNC services they provided. They combined their Buckeye knowledge with security requirements and leveraged their Q Software expertise to implement a solution.  ​
The implementation was a partnership between ERP-One and Buckeye with Q Software as the solution driver.  This partnership resulted in implementing Q Software within a Buckeye-driven framework of enhanced JDE security and Segregation of Duties business processes.​
Today, our business users have a better way to understand, provision, monitor and govern their JDE security."

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