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Project Profile: EnterpriseOne Application Upgrade and Cloud Migration

Overcoming Challenges and Achieving Success: ERP-One's Cloud Migration Journey

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ERP-One was engaged to migrate critical business applications to the AWS cloud, overcoming various challenges and delivering impressive results. This case study explores the challenges faced, the innovative solutions implemented, and the outcomes achieved.



The project encountered several challenges, including:

- Corporate Mandate for Cloud Migration: A corporate mandate required the migration of all business applications to the AWS cloud, adding urgency to the project.

- End-of-Support iSeries Infrastructure: The existing iSeries infrastructure was nearing its end of support life, necessitating a transition to a more sustainable solution.

- JDE Release Update Requirement: Updating to JDE release 9.0 was necessary to maintain support, adding complexity to the project.

- Subsidiaries with Separate JDE Instances: Two subsidiaries ran separate JDE instances, with one containing a large 4 TB database, requiring meticulous planning for migration.



ERP-One devised a multi-layered solution to address the challenges:

- Thorough Go-Live Planning: The go-live planning process was meticulously vetted and validated, with all tasks executed over a 2-day weekend to ensure minimal disruption to business operations.

- Focus on Application Upgrade and Technology Transformation: The project plan prioritized application upgrade requirements while allowing for critical technology transformation to streamline operations and enhance efficiency.

- Efficient Database Migration: Leveraging industry-standard tools, ERP-One migrated databases and all related components, including tables, indexes, stored procedures, triggers, and custom scripting, within an efficient timeframe.

- Integrated Support Structure: Acting as the technical lead, ERP-One seamlessly integrated into the client's back-office support structure, facilitating rapid organization of the right team members and stakeholders to address challenges as they arose.



Thorough go-live planning ensured a smooth transition to the cloud, with all tasks executed over a 2-day weekend to minimize disruption to business operations. The successful cloud migration delivered a migrated platform with minimal disruption, ensuring continuity and stability for the client's business.  

The project enabled the client to achieve several go-forward benefits, including lower costs to maintain JD Edwards, streamlined infrastructure and support, and a like-for-like application upgrade, marking a significant IT win. With the cloud migration complete, the client now has a solid foundation for high-value digital transformation projects, such as HR onboarding integration with their cloud solution, enabling continued innovation and growth.  



ERP-One's successful cloud migration journey exemplifies the power of innovation, collaboration, and strategic planning. By addressing challenges head-on and leveraging industry-leading solutions, ERP-One empowered the client to embrace transformative change and unlock new opportunities for growth and efficiency.  

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