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Project Profile: Global Supply Chain & Logistics Company

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ERP-One delivers Multinational JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.2 upgrade on time and under budget.

A client since 2017, this company needed to upgrade to EnterpriseOne 9.2 in order to remain certified on their hardware. The customer required dedicated 24x7 operations, with one central code maintained across all regions and different versions in each region. Several parallel projects were ongoing within the company, requiring coordination of resources and object management.The client also required separate go-lives for each of their three corporate regions across the globe, with each go-live needing a 12-hour outage window. Protocols were in place during go-lives, restricting onsite work and reallocation of resources at the time. Our team was able to work with this client to identify the best solution to their challenges, while also integrating their requirements and protocols seamlessly.

  • We identified 3800 custom objects to be retrofitted and 368 third-party integrations that required testing and validation.


  • Utilized DWS Dimensions to analyze data baseline for retrofitting effort
  • Retrofit work done using Agile methodology to manage resourcing constraints
  • Platform migration for webservers from Windows to Linux
  • CRP testing performed by region
  • Go-live procedures were optimized to reduce downtime to within 12 hr window
  • Utilized Mimix to replicate live data over to pre-live 9.2 system; streamlined go-live
  • Training videos created for end user 9.2 training
  • Custom excel application created for version comparisons between regions
  • Custom excel add-in created for calling Orchestrations


Business results we achieved for the client:

  • ERP platform readied for move to the Cloud
  • Enhanced system security and capabilities
  • Enhanced users’ experiences
  • Improved integrations
  • Project was completed successfully on time and under budget
  • Proof of Concept readiness was completed for new features such as UDOs
  • Governance model was developed for UDOs
  • Functional script repository created to inventory core processes and use for end-to-end test scenarios

Technologies Used:

  • JD Edwards
  • Mimix
  • Everest
  • DWS
  • Adobe Presenter

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