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Project Profile: JD Edwards AIS Mobile Application Framework

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ERP-One began providing JD Edwards services for a large Canadian materials handling company in 2013.The Canadian organization had a progressive mindset. They had already eliminated their paper-based work order processing and improved their Field Service Automation (FSA) by implementing a mobile application using Safari on iPads. Despite the glitches associated with using a non-native mobile platform, the organization saw huge benefits to mobilizing their workforce.By 2015, EnterpriseOne 9.1 and Tools Release would, in theory, make it possible for the organization to convert its FSA applications to a native mobile JDE application platform. They asked ERP-One if they could make it happen. There was just one catch – neither party had done this before.

Project scope

  • 700+ users
  • 250+ concurrent users

The solution:

Partnering up for a proof of concept

Both organizations were eager to explore the possibilities of a native mobile platform. In the spirit of partnership, ERP-One offered to do a proof of concept, absorbing some of the cost of the initiative, and the teams got to work.With incomplete product documentation, insufficient sample applications, necessary upgrades, and a host of other hiccups, the proof of concept wasn’t straightforward. The ERP-One team rose to the challenge however, and over the course of the year their expertise and perseverance prevailed.The organization’s employees were now able to input information directly into JDE remotely, and through their collaboration with ERP-One, became a leader in mobile applications.With their FSA process now operating as a native iOS application, the employees could work on mobile devices as efficiently as they could at their desks – no workarounds or hacks required. From capturing their work, to entering their time, to generating invoices and getting client sign off, the technicians’ workflow was now completely digital and integrated into JD Edwards.After this early success in mobile, the organization has since adopted a mobile first philosophy, applying their learnings from this process into other business applications.

By the numbers

  • Fast, clean, perfectly aligned native iOS applications
  • Elimination of paper-based workflow
  • 50% reduction in work order processing time

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