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Project Profile: JD Edwards Continuous Delivery at Hydro Ottawa

ERP-One puts Hydro Ottawa on the Continuous Delivery path

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In the dynamic landscape of utility management, adaptability and efficiency are paramount for success. Our client, Hydro Ottawa, faced a series of challenges ranging from overdue code updates to disparate systems and billing discrepancies. However, Hydro Ottawa overcame these hurdles by engaging ERP-One for JDE Managed Services. We proved to be a trustworthy partner, which led to the initiation of a code current project and helped position Hydro Ottawa for future growth and innovation.

Challenges Addressed

Hydro Ottawa's infrastructure was overdue for code updates, posing potential security risks and compliance concerns. Operating with disparate, non-integrated systems, while billing discrepancies with Extended Support Updates (ESUs) necessitated a streamlined approach to contract service billing.


The Solution

Leveraging ERP-One's expertise, Hydro Ottawa initiated a code current project aimed at modernizing its infrastructure and enhancing operational efficiency.


1. Impact Analysis and Retrofitting: ERP-One conducted an Impact Analysis, providing valuable insights used for retrofitting existing systems and processes, minimizing disruptions while ensuring alignment with industry standards.


2. Technical Uplift with Minimal Disruptions: ERP-One designed a technical uplift strategy that allowed Hydro Ottawa to remain current without necessitating a complete overhaul of its infrastructure. This approach minimized disruptions and ensured continuity of operations throughout the transformation process.


3. Tier 3 Support and Testing: ERP-One's Managed Services were instrumental in providing Tier 3 support during testing phases, ensuring smooth implementation and mitigating potential challenges.



The partnership with ERP-One enabled Hydro Ottawa to establish a schedule and path for future upgrades, ensuring the company remains code current and adaptable to evolving industry requirements.  

Hydro Ottawa accomplished its goals with minimal disruption to its environment. Thanks to ERP-One's expertise, the need for new infrastructure was eliminated, maximizing cost-effectiveness and operational efficiency.  

Looking ahead, Hydro Ottawa is poised to leverage Orchestrator to eliminate currently required customizations, further streamlining operations and enhancing system efficiency.



The case of Hydro Ottawa exemplifies the transformative power of strategic partnerships. By embracing innovation and leveraging the expertise of ERP-One, Hydro Ottawa was able to achieve operational excellence and pave the way for future growth and innovation.  

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