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Project Profile: Revera

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In 2013, Revera was growing rapidly in the senior living industry, acquiring and merging with other organizations. But as their business expanded, Revera also needed to scale up their JD Edwards system – a system in poor health needing a big technical upgrade.As they grew, Revera had accumulated a significant number of undocumented modifications that needed to be retrofitted, causing constant headaches for their small systems team to manage. This, coupled with an unmanageable security model, a desire to simplify their infrastructure overall, and an aggressive timeline for completion, made the project a challenging one.

Project scope

  • Full EnterpriseOne technical and functional upgrade 8.12 to 9.1
  • Project management
  • Complete security redesign
  • Significant customizations
  • Full security re-implementation using Q Software

The solution:

Flexible collaboration on a timeline

Revera chose ERP-One as their new managed services partner, and the two organizations worked together closely to put a solid foundation in place. By 2014, the system was healthy, stable, and ready for its upgrade.There was a catch – Revera’s year-end was approaching and they needed to complete the upgrade in four months. And Empath, a legacy HR system, would need to be incorporated too.Fortunately, knowing Revera’s system inside and out gave ERP-One a much-needed head start with the upgrade. ERP-One also brought in their long-time partners, Q Software, to redesign and re-implement security for the system and automate many of its functions.Throughout the process, ERP-One’s collaborative, attentive approach and proven methodologies kept the project on track and ensured Revera’s needs were met.

The results:

Recovered time, resources, and budget

Despite the short timeframe, the upgrade was delivered on time, on budget, and with zero transition time as the upgrade went live – creating a seamless experience for Revera.After the upgrades, Revera was able to move into a single building, reducing overall operating costs. The security redesign saved their system administrator 12–16 hours per week. And by re-platforming their hardware, their database and system management was simplified enough to be rolled into managed services versus on-site consulting.With a new system that was significantly simpler to manage, the people at Revera were empowered to allocate their time and resources to what they did best.

By the numbers

  • Project duration 4.5 months
  • Total users: 2700
  • 700+ code modifications
  • 40% reduction in security system admin time
  • Reduced infrastructure footprint

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