RevSoft, as an affordable, Enterprise Management Solution

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Rev Scheduler is one way you, as a JD Edwards customers, can take control of your batch processes. RevSoft is an affordable solution that will create simple automation for your business, keep reading to find out how.

Improving JD Edwards Batch Processing Rev Scheduler corrects the scheduling limitations imposed on your business by JDE’s internal job scheduler and platform-specific scheduling tools, such as Windows Scheduler and CRONManagement of Dependencies Between JDE and External Applications Rev Scheduler for JD Edwards will consolidate JDE and other application jobs/scripts into a single JDE job scheduler tool. In addition to JDE, Rev Scheduler will schedule applications running on Windows, IBM i (AS/400), AIX, Linux or Unix Centralized Viewing, Management, and Monitoring You will see on one centralized screen if an issue occurs with any job, on any server. In addition, a message is generated which can be emailed to notify appropriate staff. Access to error logs is as simple as a right-click and view/pdf.Rev Scheduler for JD Edwards Enables JDE sites to manage batch jobs/task and their dependencies within JD Edwards and other applications, even across multiple hardware platforms.Provides time and/or event-based batch job processing, flexible JDE batch job scheduling, and can also synchronize JD Edwards’ processes with external applications such as BI reporting and EDI tools.Rev Scheduler for JD Edwards allows customers to standardize on one software tool, automate and centrally monitor/manage all batch job processes across any platform.RevSoft is an asset that can help you create simple automation at affordable prices, provides advanced JDE job scheduling, and the ability to read log files. It runs scheduled jobs/tasks in an unattended environment throughout your Enterprise to increase accuracy, efficiency, and throughput.Contact us to learn more

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