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Tools Release 9.2.4 Highlights

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It's Official – EnterpriseOne Tools 9.2 Update 4 (9.2.4) has been released!

Included are improvements to: ERP Operations/Administration, Orchestrations, and the User Experience. It also comes with a set of uplifted certifications for Oracle DB19c and JET 7.0.1.Some highlights from the feature list:

  • A redesigned Orchestrator Studio
  • A brand new front end for the AIS Scheduler
  • Full 64-bit functionality
  • Enhanced object compare tools
  • Forms Extensions with Associated Orchestrations on Grids.

These tools will enhance delivery of high-value ERP projects and support programs that focus on Digital Transformation, ERP Modernization, Continuous Delivery, and Autonomous Processing.Want to learn more? Get in touch with Nick Wilson at out the official release from Oracle.

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