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Designed for the Cloud.

Nextworld was built from the ground up, in the cloud, specifically designed to solve issues that have historically plagued ERP consumers. This is accomplished by building their ERP platform in the cloud, then the ERP applications on top of it. Both the platform and applications are available as a service (PaaS and SaaS) giving you a powerful set of tools to transform your business.The Nextworld ERP landscape future-proofs your ERP investment because its modern architecture enables rapid business innovation. Nextworld was conceived, architected, and built as a 100% cloud ERP solution.IT and business users will benefit from efficiencies because Nextworld can be easily aligned to actual business needs and processes. This reduces the requirement for third party systems, workarounds, and manual processes.The Nextworld Landscape is displayed in the following marketecture. Important points include:Solution Families including Financials, Procurement, Sales, Projects, SCM & Manufacturing.Foundation includes key master data such as: Directory, Contracts, Item Master, and Settings.Industry Solutions for Education and Real Estate have been developed on Nextworld by industry partners, with more on the way.Customer Integration/Functional Areas. All processes, customized or delivered by Nextworld, can be consumed using open standard REST-based connections. Customers can achieve a competitive advantage by mixing best of breed solutions alongside core ERP processes.Platform and Architecture. The Nextworld platform gives you everything needed, through administrative and development capabilities, to deploy ERP solutions through a variety of features and functionality. We’ll dig further into the platform in our next blog.

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