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What we learned at INFOCUS 18

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There was important news for the future of JD Edwards at Oracle’s INFOCUS 18 conference in Denver, Colorado in August this year. In case you missed out, here’s what you need to know from our experts about the future of EnterpriseOne, Continuous Delivery, Mobile Security, Tools Release, and more.

New roadmap for EnterpriseOne

Oracle shared several important insights regarding the future of JD Edwards, including the availability of Premier Support for EnterpriseOne 9.2 until at least 2030. Lyle Ekdahl, Senior Vice President at Oracle, announced “JDE is not going away,” commenting that the company is investing heavily into new features and technologies.Oracle reinforced this message by indicating that the install base uptake to 9.2 is encouraging and trending upward, demonstrating a significant customer commitment to JDE.

EnterpriseOne Enhancement and Technology Investment Announcements

E1 Enhancements

  • 64-bit
  • ChatBot
  • Orchestrations
  • Form Extensions

E1 Technology Investments

  • Personalized User Experience - UX One, Personalization frameworks
  • Digital Technologies for Business Transformation - Mobility, IoT, Orchestrator
  • ERP Innovations that Differentiate your Business - Process Automation
  • Operational Simplification - Cloud and On-Premise, System Admin; Continuous Delivery.

Oracle also announced important enhancements and technology investments for EnterpriseOne.We’re planning articles exploring some of these topics in detail in the coming months. Watch our Insights page or follow us on LinkedIn for upcoming articles and resources.

Continuous Delivery

Our resident expert Matt Vanderkooy, Director of Customer Success, presented on this important topic for JDE customers. Knowing Oracle will not provide any major application upgrade in the future, companies must have a solid, ongoing plan in place to manage and apply code changes in their environments to stay code current. So, how do you deal with the flow of ESUs coming at you? How do you measure the impact of ESUs in your system and minimize the risks of applying them in your environments?Find out by watching Matt’s presentation.

Mobile Security

Darrell Kieswetter is one of our CNC Consultants and an expert in mobile and integration development. Darrell presented on the key considerations your organization needs to keep in mind when preparing for the move to mobile. Some of these questions may include:

  • What JDE servers do I need?
  • What do I need to do about application security?
  • How should I configure my network?
  • Do I need to develop custom remote applications?
  • Should I have Portal or Mobile access for my users?

Watch for more on this topic soon. If you need support in the meantime, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We can help your company navigate the important questions and design a solution that strikes the right balance, ensuring your applications are functional and secure.

E1 Tools Release – Demonstration of New Features

Nick Wilson is one of our Senior Architects, and he shared his insight on the new features in Tools Tools 9.2 brings a whole new suite of features and functionality for E1 releases 9.0, 9.1 and 9.2.Changes in the Personalization Framework, Orchestration Studio and Server Manager were features highlighted in Nick’s session, including a lab-based demonstration of those new features and a discussion of best practices for utilizing those features. He also focussed on the net change between tools 9.2.1.x and and concentrate on the further enhanced citizen Development features.

Case study: Big Brother is Watching – How Pinal County watches over their E1 Data

Matt Vanderkooy, our Director of Customer Success, also presented a case study about how Pinal County has leveraged tools from our security partner, Q Software, to keep their E1 system safe from fraud.Fraud is a concern everywhere, for private and public organizations alike. While governments, like Pinal County in Arizona, may have a different set of stakeholders than the private sector, they still require accountability and protection for their data.E1 provides the ability to track data through their Data Change Tracker module (21 CFR 11), but historically the analysis of that data has been cumbersome, time consuming, and often ignored because of the volume or inability to interpret useful information from the data.In response to this obstacle, Q Software has released Fraud Detector to harness the power of the native E1 Data Change Tracker. Fraud Detector provides instant notification of changes to critical data and presents all audited data in one place. Queries over specific elements of the data that is being tracked and an alert/review workflow further enhance the usability of the audit data.

Why do we go to INFOCUS?

INFOCUS is a great way for us to connect with clients and JD Edwards users, hear key messages from Oracle regarding the direction and roadmap for EnterpriseOne, and contribute to the JDE community through our education sessions.And of course, every industry conference presents opportunities for socializing and building relationships.Nick and Matt did not let us down this year, sending us some snaps of their dinners, drinks, as well as our customer appreciation dinner with clients including: District of Saanich, Scot Forge, MacDon Industries, Martin Brower, Liquid Controls, Johnston Equipment.This was the best-attended INFOCUS ever, and we look forward to seeing everyone again next year!

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